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Grape Brocade Set contains:


    Cup diameter 4” x 8” 1/4 ht cup 10 oz
    Cup  24k Goldplated over brass Smooth finish
    “Cross and Grapes” motif Resin Node with ancient silver and 24k gold finishing. 

    Scale Paten
    Diameter 5-1/2” with “Cross” design engraved on top 

    Chalice Pall
    7” 1/16 x 6” 7/8
    Double sided fabric lace trimmed

    Pyx with necklace pouch
    Pyx 2” 1/16 X 11/16“ for more than six 1-3/8” Hosts
    24k gold-plated brass has “Pax” embossed and loop attached for neck cord